Delta Technical <br>Operations Center - Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta, GA

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta, GA

Delta Technical
Operations Center


Project Details

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    Atlanta, GA

Project Description

Delta Technical Operations provides full-service maintenance to more than 750 aircraft from its home base facility. But after one of its hangars was renovated, no one could get the roof quite right. “We experienced four repair attempts in a year, all from well-respected roofers,” says Brent Oglesby of ABM Industries, the Facility Manager. “Each product would fail in a few months, or even weeks and leaks would start up again.” Working on the fleet requires the utmost precision, and water dripping into electrical equipment, cables, or other sensitive components could cause insurmountable damage and delays. “We thought it would be impossible to fully seal this complex roof,” says Oglesby, “then we discovered GE Enduris.”


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