Rolling Plains Correctional Facility

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Haskell, TX

Rolling Plains Correctional Facility


The customer faced a complex repair job on a building with many large roof protrusions during a period of cold and rainy weather, and short daylight hours. Flores Enterprises was informed that the building had hundreds of leaks.


Flores began by removing trash and debris from the roof and gutter system, including a large amount of nesting material (long grass) which was clogging downspouts. An abandoned water line that traversed the entire length of the roof had to be removed, along with countless unused fasteners and old garden hoses which hadn’t been used in years. Loose and missing fasteners throughout the roof were replaced and/or tightened, and a rust inhibiting primer was then applied to the few surface rust areas on the roof. Cracked ribs were sealed with a combination of butyl tape and Evercaulk FG.

Evercaulk FG Brush application to vertical seams was accomplished via pumping to the roof from 55 gallon drums and extruding onto the seams with a custom-made application tip. Because of the numerous HVAC and vent units that would require servicing, three “stitch screws” per linear foot of horizontal seam were installed to keep the roof seam from moving with inevitable foot traffic. Horizontal seams were sealed by spraying Evercaulk FG Brush into them and then brushing the sealant into the gap. This was followed by spraying a thick layer of Evercaulk FG over the horizontal seam to add strength to the seal.

Flashing areas were sealed with Evercaulk FG. Any flashing areas that were subject to extreme movement were sealed with Everseal. Sealant was applied to all bolts, and protrusions were sealed with a combination of Everseal, Everseal PMP, and Evercaulk FG. Everseal and Everseal PMP was used for areas that would be subject to small amounts of ponding water, such as in front of large HVAC units. Evercaulk FG was used where water would not stand and on the sides and back of the large HVAC units.

Finally, two coats of Evercoat Glaze were applied to the 16 skylights located throughout the roof, and two coats of Evercoat EC light gray were applied to the entire roof.

When the job was completed, the roof did not have a single leak.

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914 Coatings

914 Coatings

This project used the Everprime Wash (White Silkoxy Coating). We were able to bring the midday temperature of their rooftop from 152°F down to just 85°F. 
Colorado Weather Coatings

Colorado Weather Coatings

4,000 square foot Metal Roof Restoration in Aurora, CO. Washed roof with Everprep Max, applied Evermetal Primer, sealed all seams and fasteners with Everseal Sealant, and spray applied Evercoat EC Acrylic Coating over the entire roof area.
Premium Roofing Solutions

Premium Roofing Solutions

Cleaned the EPDM substrate with Everprep Max EPDM cleaner. Everseal was applied to all problem areas. Silkoxy H3 in gray was applied to entire roof surface and parapet walls (20 year spec).

Featured Product

Silkoxy H3

Silkoxy H3

A high-solids, single component, moisture cure fluid applied silicone coating. Designed as a protective coating for most roof membranes.

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