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Whether you are constructing a new building or have an existing roof that has leaked for many years, Everest can provide a long term, cost effective roof coating system that will save you money.


As a professional commercial roofer, you know how important it is to combine your skills with high-quality roof coating products as you finish or refinish a flat commercial roof. However, if a building’s owner doesn’t treat your work with proper care or the roof is hit by harsh weather, it may need further work.

Here are three issues that will arise on a flat roof over time, despite the quality of material, and what causes them.


Due to exposure to the sun and temperature fluctuations, the rubber coating will eventually shrink and pull away from the other roofing materials. Regular inspections and maintenance will allow you to address this problem before it becomes too severe.


Like delamination, alligatoring is caused by the roof coating’s daily exposure to the sun’s rays. UV radiation causes the coating to harden, crackle, and become rough, at which point it resembles alligator skin.


Punctures are generally caused by debris from the weather and nearby trees, depending on your local climate. However, irresponsible human activity on the roof can also lead to punctures in the roof coating.


As you know, the best way to address all three of these problems is to apply a new roof coating. If you use a low-quality product, however, these problems will return rather quickly. At Everest Systems, we offer high-quality roof coating materials, including:

  • 5-gallon commercial roof primer pails
  • 5-gallon acrylic roof coating pails
  • 5-gallon silicone roof coating pails
  • 5-gallon commercial roof sealant pails

Our 5-gallon commercial roof sealant is particularly effective in preventing leaks and filling the spaces that come with the above roofing issues. Place your order by emailing



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Premium Roofing Solutions

Premium Roofing Solutions

Cleaned the EPDM substrate with Everprep Max EPDM cleaner. Everseal was applied to all problem areas. Silkoxy H3 in gray was applied to entire roof surface and parapet walls (20 year spec).
Colorado Weather Coatings

Colorado Weather Coatings

4,000 square foot Metal Roof Restoration in Aurora, CO. Washed roof with Everprep Max, applied Evermetal Primer, sealed all seams and fasteners with Everseal Sealant, and spray applied Evercoat EC Acrylic Coating over the entire roof area.
914 Coatings

914 Coatings

This project used the Everprime Wash (White Silkoxy Coating). We were able to bring the midday temperature of their rooftop from 152°F down to just 85°F. 

Featured Product

Silkoxy H3

Silkoxy H3

A high-solids, single component, moisture cure fluid applied silicone coating. Designed as a protective coating for most roof membranes.

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